Too Bright to See

Gallery installation, 29 minutes

On view at:
Whitney Biennial, Whitney Museum of Art / Opens March 20, 2024
Pérez Art Museum Miami / April 13, 2023 - January 7, 2024

Director Madeleine Hunt-Ehrlich’s experimental narrative artwork Too Bright to See draws on her extensive research on the legacy of Suzanne Roussi-Césaire, a writer and anticolonial and feminist activist from Martinique who, along with her husband, Aimé Césaire, was at the forefront of the Négritude movement during the first half of the 20th century. Roussi-Césaire would also become an important Surrealist thinker, influencing the likes of painter Wifredo Lam and writer André Breton. However, despite her critical contributions to Caribbean thought and Surrealist discourse, until recently much of her work was overlooked.

A conversation featuring artist and filmmaker Madeleine Hunt-Ehrlich to celebrate the opening evening of her film installation, Madeleine Hunt-Ehrlich: Too Bright to See. 
Hunt-Ehrlich in conversation with Dr. Anny-Dominique Curtius, professor of Francophone studies at University of Iowa, author, and expert on the work and life of Suzanne Césaire.