Press for The Ballad of Suzanne Césaire

“Hunt-Ehrlich’s lovely, questing, curious art film cannot singlehandledly redress Césaire’s omission from the annals. But it does suggest that if posterity has forgotten her, it’s only with its conscious mind, where “The Ballad of Suzanne Césaire” is piped in from the collective unconscious. Perhaps, when history sleeps on those who shaped it, this is what it dreams.”

Sight and Sound
“What elevates Hunt-Ehrlich’s approach above conventional revisionist biography... is that her interrogation of history’s hierarchies extends beyond the thematic; it’s embedded in the very form of the film.”

Journey into Cinema
"If these conversations and actions amount to an unresolved denouement, that’s entirely the film’s strategy. Aided by sensuously haptic cinematography of verdure vistas, The Ballad of Suzanne Cesaire instigates a generative consideration of archival speculation through cinematic practice. Dense and dreamlike, Hunt-Ehrlich generously invites viewers to contend with myriad ramifications, all packed within a swift runtime.”

Le Polyester
“[Hunt-Ehrlich] films lush nature, welcoming but deserted landscapes, immersed in the light of summer evenings, evoking a kind of tropical version of Magritte’s paintings with paradoxical absences.”

Obviously Reviews
"Hunt-Ehrlich’s innovative storytelling approach is notable, blending fiction with reality and the past with the present... the direction by Hunt-Ehrlich is visionary, presenting an experimental biopic that faithfully captures the essence of its subject.”